Skanky Indian Princess Takes Over

31 Oct

I noticed a lot of scantily clad Native American costumes over the weekend at a Halloween party. It kinda pissed me off.


Ultimately, what it comes down to is that Native Americans aren’t costumes. They are real people.

The issues that Native Americans face are largely kept in the dark. The majority believe that the tribes are living happy go lucky lives on the reservations with a constant influx of money from casinos and the government.  We often don’t think of Native Americans except in the context of pow wows, medicine men, the wild West, and Pocahontas. The traditions and cultures of this varied group of people are made into myths and glamorized; all realness tends to be ripped away from them. We don’t hear about the problems going on still. Furthermore, there are many racist Indian mascots that various groups are fighting to have replaced.

With racist mascots and costumes like this, we, the majority, are saying “This is how we see you.” These are the things we choose to focus on. It may be all in fun and jest, but it also displays a huge amount of ignorance.  If a person was truly aware of the major complaints and problems that Native Americans deal with, they wouldn’t dress like this.

As an added element, Native American women cope with the highest rate of violence over any other group, 70% of which is perpetrated by individuals of a different race. There is not much pressure to bring justice to these women due to general apathy. After all, if this is the image we have of Native American women… Well, you can connect the dots.

I find it to be a disturbing trend. The majority of white people wouldn’t dress up in blackface for Halloween, so why is this acceptable? I think it’s not. I feel the same way about sexy kimono, sexy gypsy, and sexy Mexican costumes. If it’s not your culture, if it’s a mimicry of a group of people that face ridicule and degradation in your society or the world as a whole, it’s inappropriate.


Oh, the insanity!

25 Oct

I am taking a moment to say the things I wanna say. Sometimes you have to do that.

A quick recap, if you please! I have, in the past month, done these things:

Completed my Peace Corps application.

Applied to several jobs, and been rejected on all fronts (though supposedly not due to my personality).

Eaten copious amounts of fast food.

Vowed to stop eating fast food. (Yay for day three?)

Made plans with people and kept half of them. It’s a half empty half full thing, I suppose.

Mass created jewelry for sale.

Put said jewelry on Etsy.

Not worked on my honors paper about the relations between Turkey and Israel.

Started training to be a tutor to ESL learners.

Been assigned a learner (today)!

Gotten the worst grade I’ve gotten on a midterm since high school.

Maintained the best grade I’ve ever had for German.

Placed a bid to become a board member for my local chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Decided to see what happens with the Peace Corps before beginning prep for grad school.

And so much more, including continuing to work my two jobs.

I had a minor stress out moment over ordering pizza with my mother while sitting in my car this past weekend. I know it was ridiculous, but I think it was just all converging on me at once. I need to create a time management schedule or something like that to get everything in order. I also need to control my spending better.

I’m hoping next semester will be relaxed, but that’s also what I was expecting for this semester.

Oh well. “Do what you gotta do,” has become my motto. I’ve been saying it to people quite a bit. I’m biting the bullet and taking a step to follow my own advice tomorrow.

New Insurance

26 Sep

Now I’ll always be able to get home.

Having small feet can be a great boon. My size is always on the sale rack, and now I know that I can raid the children’s section of the shoe aisles.

Nerd guys =/= nice guys.

19 Sep

After reading a post by Geordie Tait, I began to do my own thinking on girls and the nerd world. His post deals specifically with Magic: the Gathering (something I don’t play) and the gaming community in general after the upset over the article written by Alyssa Bereznak. In her article, she dismisses Magic players as potential dates as a whole, dismissing one man in particular. I’ll admit, the whole Magic thing is beyond me. I’m not entirely certain what the game is about or what it entails, but the situation got me thinking.

Why don’t girls want to date gamer/geeky/nerdy guys?

Popular culture has it that the nerds are actually the best boyfriends. They’re the lambs of the male world, ready to see to a girl’s needs at the drop of a hat. They REALLY understand, or at least they want to try. They look beyond looks to see the real soul of a person. It’s always the super popular, butch guys that get the girl, though, leaving the poor nerdy guy in the corner alone. If a girl just tried, she would realize that he’s a diamond in the rough. But no, she goes for the jock jerk who is sexist and will abuse her emotionally, and probably physically. Obviously, the clear choice for a boyfriend would be the nerd.

I think that’s bullshit.

Perhaps I’m not the best person to examine this because my boyfriend is delightfully nerdy. He plays Warhammer 40K, World of Warcraft, various consul games when he gets the chance, adores war history, and keeps religiously up to date on current events. I also am often categorized as a nerd. My fish is named Arsinoë due to the fighting nature of beta fish. I am a recovering WoW addict (rogues ftw), and in love with God of War, Doctor Who, Joss Whedon, and fairy tales. I even delight in discussing the English language and its subtleties. To top it all off, I study International Relations. (I’m sure, however, that some would say I’m not really all that nerdy. Matter of perspective.)

However, I think my relationship highlights some of the issues of dating gamer guys. Hardcore gaming takes up a lot of time. Most hobbies associated with general nerd/geek status do, in fact. Painting miniatures, putting together models, etc. are time consuming. It’s not even something you can do while paying attention to something else very well. It’s easy to get sucked into any of these things full time to the point where all other things are placed on the back burner. It’s happened to me, and I’ve done it to him as well. Nerd types tend to be characterized as obsessed with one thing or the other, and I think that’s not far from the truth.

Women don’t want to be second to a game or hobby. They want to be the first priority. To be honest, in a healthy relationship, a girlfriend should come before a game or hobby unless she doesn’t want it that way. I feel that many women feel that they’ll be second when they’re dating a gamer, so they choose not to do so.

Furthermore, nerds are not the lambs of maledom.

Most of the games played today are sexist. They often portray women as sex objects or sexless if they’re strong. Games I have loved and played are guilty of this. That’s not to say that gamers are all sexist themselves, but they certainly aren’t buffered from these types of images just because they may operate outside of mainstream culture.

The attacks that Alyssa Bereznak has gone through due to her article speak to the fact that just because a guy is a geek doesn’t mean he’s nice and gentle. She’s been called a whore, cunt, and slut. Her looks have been attacked, as has her general nature. Was it a good article posted in an appropriate place? No. But it certainly does not justify the disgusting way she’s been treated. It certainly won’t help women have a better attitude towards the type of guy that Alyssa disparaged. A girl that’s an outsider, and even those that are nerds themselves, are going to see that backlash and automatically not want anything to do with men that could be a part of it. These are supposed to be the guys that understand! That will treat women better than the jocks of the world will.

I don’t feel like this is an isolated issue, either. Back in July, an article was posted about how women were banned from a LAN party because of how they are notoriously treated horribly if they attend. Want a bad experience? Get on XBox live as a woman. Luckily, I haven’t personally experienced this sort of treatment because I tend to play by myself on my consuls and when I played WoW I was buffered by an amazing guild. The fact that the gamer guy I live with makes sure that I know that I shouldn’t try to talk to other players normally is a bit alarming, however.

I also found it interesting when Geordie Tait mentioned that he used to have a lot of problems with women. He makes it sound as if he grouped them all as shallow. When my boyfriend was young, he dealt with issues like that as well. I have a feeling that won’t be the last time I hear that, either.

Ultimately, I think the stereotype of the nerd/gamer/geek as the perfect guy is hogwash. They have just as many problems as any other guy. Do they have to fight against a difficult stereotype when it comes to getting dates? Yes. Absolutely. Does that mean they’ll automatically appreciate a girl? No. Any given girl might not want to date you because they don’t understand why you like what you like. They might assume that you’ll care more about your activities than her. Plus, it doesn’t help if you forsake all other forms of being social for the sake of your hobby and don’t know anyone outside of it.

I don’t really have any advice on how to snag a girl beyond maybe finding a girl who has similar interests. Don’t forget to check out the nerd girls, they could be diamonds in the rough, too.

This is a post that paints with broad strokes. It’s more rambling of thoughts than something solid and coherent.


9 Sep

I want a blog for myself. If others read it and enjoy it, that’s great. I hope that will mean the things that are important to me are important to others as well.

I am preparing to graduate from my university this April with a bachelor’s degree. Hopefully I will graduate magna cum laude. Hopefully I’ll be prepared.

The past six months have been a whirlwind for me. I think I’ve changed and grown a lot. I think I understand myself better. I know that I’m terrified of the future and the choices that I’m making, or am planning on making. I don’t want to lose myself in this uncertainty, and I want to enjoy myself as much as possible in the upcoming months before everything changes. The changes are what scare me the most, but I think they’re necessary as well. Things have to change. I can’t be an undergrad working in a bookstore for the rest of my life. I don’t want to work full time in a bookstore, either. I know that if I let myself, that is what I will wind up doing. Being afraid of change is normal, but I’m very likely to let it rule the rest of my life. I’m the sort that would let it suck me into the vortex of retail work for a lifetime without a struggle. If I do get stuck there, I at least want to put up a fight first.

This blog will help me display the things that are important to me, even if they’re just silly. Hopefully it’ll keep me grounded and brave.